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       Metalise Manufacturing Company is the largest Manufacturer of Lever Arch and Ring Mechanisms for Files in Iran and Middle East. The company established on 1968, nearly 50 years ago and by hard efforts of its Late founder ″Mr. Bahram keyvani″ and by using premium technical knowledge and experience, produces complete range of Lever Arch Files and Ring Binders. In the company’s final R&D project, we have launched complete production line for all range of lever arch files and ring binders in PVC quality under brand name of ″CLASSIC″, ″METALISE & METALCO″. We also have been awarded with international trophy for technology and quality in 1998 Germany. In addition, we have achieved IMQ institute ISO standards in quality management and environmental managemnet system.

   Our company‘s managing director, Mr.Shahram Keyvani, and his team believes that with hard work and by using the modern technology and production, we can make top quality products at reasonable prices, that would enable us to assure our first in mind, ″customers satisfaction″ , by all name.





Mr.Shahram keyvani

Managing director and chairman of the board




Mr. Bahram keyvani

Later Company founder in 1969



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